Planning has never been so easy!


Meet your new sidekick that starts in July! You will not want this planner to leave your side as you finish 2022 strong and prepare for 2023!

Use this Mid-Year Planner to plan your months, establish a weekly and daily work plan, and achieve personal and professional success by staying organized and on top of your busy schedule. Set your long-term goals for the year and use our unique system to break them down each week into manageable medium and short-term action items. We make this whole process simple for you, and you can relax knowing that your days are planned!

Not only that, but our planner allows you to be creative with our habit trackers, to-do lists, and overall life organizer.

Why the Define planner? We are here to help!

Unique goal planning system

With our unique system, goal planning has never been easier to track progress and maintain consistency. You will be guided through the process of long-term goal setting, establishing monthly actions items to accomplish, and breaking down long-term goals into manageable medium and short-term actions to incorporate into your daily routine.

20+ Habit trackers

The accountability trackers complement your weekly planning experience. Log reminders that are easy to forget and schedule actions you want to help plan your day. Achieve your goals! Record your monthly fitness routine, daily hydration, new recipes, books to read, places to visit, and more


This monthly & weekly planner makes planning enjoyable and straightforward. Whether you're already into planners or want to start now, this planner suits all your needs!

Customers can't get enough


This is the perfect planner. It was exactly what I was looking for with the month at a glance and the daily spread that is vertical instead of horizontal. The sections with monthly and weekly goals is nice too. It keeps me focused and on track to reach my goals

Heather G.

This planner is one that can keep you motivated and in track with goals. It is well made and the pages don’t ghost. It leaves plenty of room for your own creativity. Would buy again.

Carol G.

With the Define planner, I still find myself using it every single day because the goal oriented questions at the beginning helped me "define" what my goals were in nearly every facet of life. Now that I have these goals planned out, it lets me plan on a weekly & monthly basis much more efficiently then I have ever been able to do before.

Joseph D.

The Define Planner provides everything that any type of person could want or need in a planner. With water logging, financial planning, self-care, etc - whatever you specifically need, the Define Planner has it. I am so thankful for the Define Planner and it helping me keep on track and hold myself accountable, even through tough times of working from home and constant zoom meetings. It makes creating a work-life balance so much easier. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Taylor N.

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