2022 Monthly & Weekly Planner Gift Bundle

2022 Monthly & Weekly Planner Gift Bundle

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Included in the 2022 Monthly & Weekly Planner Gift Bundle:

Support the fight against childhood hunger. For every Navigate Journal sold, $2 (20 meals) will be donated across the country to a child in need through No Kid Hungry!


 2022 Monthly & Weekly Planner

Define’s 2022 Monthly & Weekly Planner is your sidekick to bring a clear focus, structure, and commitment to each day. Use our unique umbrella goal planning system to identify and accomplish your 2022 goals. Our weekly sections break down your daily priorities into manageable tasks by separating your schedule into morning, afternoon, and evening. In addition, our 22 trackers will keep you on task to keep track of new recipes, books to read, places to visit, and much more. So get creative and feel inspired as your build your personal and work-life routine!

9 Sticker Sheets, Variety Pack

Define’s Sticker Sheets are a perfect companion for your Monthly & Weekly Planner. 330+ Stickers on 9 sticker sheets. Decorate your planner and feel inspired as your build your personal and work-life routine.

Navigate Journal

Putting pen to paper provides a space for your thoughts, feelings, and reflections. Journaling provides an outlet for ideas, gratitude, and establishing personal identity. Our journal can travel with you in your pursuit of personal growth. Navigate through your thoughts and emotions with Define’s Navigate Journal.


Inside Look

Example of the monthly layout
Example of the weekly layout
Example of the umbrella goal layout
Example of the monthly reflections layout
Example of the Define Myself reflective prompts
Picture of the Monthly Fitness Routine tracker and Water tracker

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