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2023 Monthly & Weekly Planner


    The Mystic Michaela Manifestation Journal guides you on the path to intentionally create your reality by incorporating the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration into your everyday practice. This journal takes you through the steps to begin Mystic Michaela's manifestation process: Accountability, Looking Inward, Vision Board, and Daily Manifestation. The high-frequency vibrational mindset shift will bring you closer to your authentic self. In addition, the 7 trackers provide space for gratitude, mantras, mood tracking, crystal list, and more. Take advantage of this resource as you begin your manifestation journey!

    2023 Monthly & Weekly Planner

    Define's 2023 Monthly & Weekly Planner is the sidekick you need to bring purpose to your every day. Want to make 2023 your best year yet? Start now by using our unique umbrella goal-planning system to achieve all the goals you've been putting off. Structure your days into morning, afternoon, and evening blocks to use your time effectively, improve productivity, and reduce stress. Stay motivated with weekly quotes from inspirational people and space to express gratitude creatively. Finally, make accountability a top priority this year with monthly reflections and 16 trackers. Do this and more with the Define Planner! Don't miss out on its stunning features: beautiful gold trim, elastic band closure, two bookmark ribbons, interior back pocket, and durable bleed-proof, bright white paper.

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    Example of the Define Myself reflective prompts
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    Picture of the Monthly Fitness Routine tracker and Mood tracker